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Slimfast FOR SALE, I haven't submitted the show to ITunes, I want to get the second show done. 400mg, 450mg, Itunes examines your shows quality and I'm worried show001 won't cut it. Show002 will though, order Slimfast online overnight delivery no prescription. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, In the mean time you may not want to wait, or you might use a podcatcher other than ITunes, Slimfast 125mg. Slimfast snort, alcohol iteraction, If you don't know what I'm talking about there will be more instructions below.

If you use ITunes:

  1. Launch iTunes.

  2. In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.

  3. Type - into the text box

  4. Rock on!

If you use another podcatcher (like me- hello Penguin lovers):

  1. You can look over to the right under subscribe to get to the feed.

  2. Copy that link and paste it to the appropriate part of your podcatcher software, or save time with this one:

  3. Rock on!

So if you don't know what I'm talking about..., Slimfast FOR SALE. Podcasts or Netcasts is a term for an audio or video file that is distributed via a standard called RSS, where can i order Slimfast without prescription, Where can i Slimfast online, or another standard called Atom.

What this means is you can have audio or video content delivered to your computer without having to spend a lot of time searching for things that interest you, cheap Slimfast, Slimfast from canadian pharmacy, or spending time going to websites to see if they have updated. Those two standards will bring the files to you, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, Slimfast over the counter, but you have to subscribe to a feed. A feed is just a term for a page that uses one or more of those two standards to report to software on your computer when there is new stuff that's been posted, order Slimfast online c.o.d. Slimfast FOR SALE, This software is called a podcatcher. Slimfast online cod, If your operating system is Windows, or OS-X you may want to use iTunes, cheap Slimfast no rx. Slimfast 200mg, It's a solid podcatcher that works in a way that is very easy to understand quickly. If you don't like that solution, Slimfast coupon, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, you could search for the term podcatcher. Install, japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl. Then follow my instructions above, Slimfast FOR SALE. Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, If your operating system is Linux then hit up your package manager. I'm using Ipodder, Slimfast 100mg. Online buying Slimfast, This way not be the best solution, I didn't do any research, generic Slimfast, Slimfast 250mg, so if you have a solution you prefer let me know.

If you use an Ipod and have had problems with Gtkpod, acheter en ligne Slimfast, acheter Slimfast bon marché, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, you might have to mount manually. I had problems with mine until I found out my Ipod is using /dev/sdf2 not /dev/sda2 like you'll read in the online howto's, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona. Slimfast 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, I think I got that info via the command: cat /proc/scsi/scsi Anyway... if anyone is actually having trouble with this and wants a guide for how I do it, rx free Slimfast, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, leave a comment or email me. It's easy just put the words, Slimfast coupon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, "theory from the closet" without the spaces or quotation marks and put them before the symbol @ and the word Slimfast price. Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon. Slimfast 75mg. Cheap Slimfast no rx.

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5 Responses to “Slimfast FOR SALE”

  1. Mike says:

    I just set up my iTunes subscription to the feedburner feed – Show 002 came through just fine, but when I tried to get Show 001 it downloaded the Sons of Kryos’ game design panel recording instead. I’ve hunted around in the feedburner source code to find the URL for the real first episode, but it’s something you might want to look at.

  2. clyde says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot for the info.

    The problem is that I included links to the Sons of Kyros shows in the original post, and wordpress treated them like other links to media files and built an enclosure for them. I deleted the links that went direct to the shows, and asked some other folks I know who have iTunes and it was working correctly for them. I’ll have to see what I can do to take that out by hand. I definately don’t want to look like I’m trying to take credit for other peoples work.

    Unfortunately, I have to learn how, as at this immediate moment I’m not sure how to.

  3. clyde says:

    I am fairly sure it is fixed now Mike. If you are feeling charitable and want to delete show001 and see if the fix has worked for you I’d greatly appreciate it. I use Linux for my OS, so I can’t use iTunes without spending money for crossover office.

  4. Mike says:

    I just reset my iTunes subscription, and both files are downloading properly now.

    Nice work on the podcast so far, by the way. There’re still some technical rough spots to smooth out, but if you listen to the first and second episodes of any other podcasts, it sounds like you’re right on track.

  5. clyde says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the positive comments and confirming I fixed the problem. It’s greatly appreciated.

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