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8 Responses to “Cefotaxime FOR SALE”

  1. Rob Lang says:

    A really superb one this. It’s good to hear a voice of google suggesting other uses for its apps. Sorry if these have already been mentioned in the cast, I half listen to your dulcet tones. Also, it’s nice to hear a fellow Brit, even if his accent has started to wane… ;-) (j/k)

    Google Homepage (or iGoogle) is really useful for keeping track on all the RPG things going on. As a designer, if you can keep track of the buzz, then you can make better use of it. I have a tab on iGoogle with just roleplaying resources/RSS and the like.

    The other thing I find useful is Google notepad for when you have a brilliant idea and you just want to get it down. I used to use a little notebook but google notepad can be anywhere I am, which is super.

    A really useful case, Clyde, great work!

  2. clyde says:

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks a lot for the tips. I really didn’t do much. Alexander took the outline I gave him and seamlessly addressed many of the things I would have asked about, but didn’t need to. I’ve got to give him and Robert Bohl who made the original notes that I used to help me build my outline the Lion’s share of credit.

  3. Robert Bohl says:

    Hey Clyde,

    I’m having a great time listening to this and I’m very happy that my notes were useful to you.

  4. Alexander says:

    I should clarify the bit about free AdWords for CC fees… right now, all CC processing is free with Google Checkout. Come January 1st, though, it stops being free, *but* for every dollar you spend on AdWords, you get $10 of free CC processing. If you can figure out how much you’re likely to spend in CC fees per month, divide that by ten and spend it on AdWords instead. A bargain! Official word: “If you’re an AdWords advertiser, you will also be eligible for free credit card processing for some or all of your Google Checkout sales. For every $1 you spend on AdWords each month, you can process $10 in sales the following month for free through Google Checkout. This standard, non-promotional type of free transaction processing may be updated from time to time.”

    As Clyde says, if you have any questions for me, ask!

  5. Hey! I´m catching up with your show after some time away from home. The Ron Edwards and Fred Hicks interviews were excellent, and the One-shot show was quite useful. The one about Social Contract I found a little boring. I think it´s not that hard a concept that it needs so much explaining and examples.


  6. Awesome, Clyde. You’ve really hit your stride now. The Master Series is turning out to be just excellent and episodes I am likely to keep refering back to.

  7. Darcy Burgess says:

    Hi Alexander,
    During the interview, you mentioned that Google searches can be tied to an RSS feed. That’s an awesome idea!

    Now, how do I do it?

  8. Alexander says:

    Hey, Darcy,

    You can get RSS feeds of many searches, like News and Blogs, but not the main Google search. I hope I didn’t misspeak! For RPG designers (and fans) that should suffice.


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