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36 Responses to “Clomid FOR SALE”

  1. Hans Chung-Otterson says:

    Clyde, this is a treasure. Thank you so much.

    I’ve only started listening, but the audio is fine. The background noises never intrude upon the discussion, but I’d probably recommend listening as headphones-only, as the levels vary quite a bit when going from your voice to David’s (you’re much quieter than he is).

  2. clyde says:

    Thanks Hans,

    It gets worse after the crazy lady. It dampened Davids spirits a bit and lowered his voice volume. I didn’t recognize that on-site.

  3. Johnstone says:

    This is great stuff to have recorded.

    Before the crazy lady, Hans is right, the audio is fine on headphones. After that, he gets quieter and the kids get louder, but at that point, I’m not about to stop listening.

  4. boulet says:

    Thank you Clyde. I learned a lot.

  5. This was really interesting. Thanks for making this available :)

  6. Tim Jensen says:

    A historic interview. Thank you Clyde, and thank you Dave!

  7. Death Metal Nightmare says:

    it sounds fine with ear buds!
    much appreciated!

  8. Troy says:

    Really awesome. Thank you for capturing this. Luckily most of the good stuff comes before the incredibly rude woman says her peace. (As someone who spent 40 years in a Midwestern state, I immediately recognized her as a type.) Anywho, the sound up to that point is fine and it is still intelligible thereafter.

  9. Noumenon says:

    This is really selfish of me, but it would take a lot less than 24 hours to transcribe it.

  10. nate says:

    Great stuff. I learned a lot. Thanks for posting this.

  11. clyde says:

    It doesn’t have to be selfish. You could transcribe it. I have to look at the keyboard to find the letters. I could host it or send you traffic. Assuming you use the creative commons license I release everything under. There’s a link, to the license, in one of the boxes to the right.

  12. This was a great listen, as was the talk on homosexuality and gaming from back in September. I can tell I’ll be sinking a lot of time into going through previous episodes!

    Also, and I am not making this up – I think I ran into this exact same woman once. At the very least, it was the same “conversation,” right down to the “talk so much and say nothing” line. It’s not just a Midwestern thing then, as this was in the South.

  13. Grant says:

    Amazing interview, Clyde.

  14. walkerp says:

    Great job here. This was a fantastic pleasure to listen to. I really must congratulate you on succeeding in getting Mr. Wesely to sit down and just talk. I could easily listen to a couple more hours of his RPG history. Fascinating stuff and very well facilitated. This is history that could have been lost. Is there any documentation online that describes his role from a more objective perspective (not that I doubt his word or anything, but I just want to try and put what he said into context).

  15. clyde says:

    The only thing I know of, that aren’t from Major Wesely himself, are the citations from the bottom of his wikipedia page. Many of those links are dead, however, but some of them lead to actual publications, perhaps a library would help there.

    The quotes on those websites look like they come from a common source though, my bet would be that first issue of Pegasus.

  16. clyde says:

    It appears Drive Thru has digital versions of that Pegasus magazine.

  17. Elliot Wilen says:

    I’ve collected a bunch of links as part of my own commentary/narrative on Braunstein and RPG roots.

    I have a Braunstein tag but this one is slightly more general:

    I’ll add a link to this page shortly. I’m looking forward to listening to the interview.

  18. clyde says:

    Hey Elliot,

    Thanks. I’m not sure I agree with “young turks,” and all, but those are solid links. Hope you enjoy the interview. I wish I’d encountered your page before the interview… could have pulled some more questions out of it.

  19. Greg says:

    This interview was fascinating. I didn’t have any trouble understanding the conversation amid the background noise so no worries.

    I thought David Wesely’s account of introducing polyhedral dice to his group’s game was particularly interesting. It does contradict interviews I’ve read with Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax (who also contradict each other.)

    Dave Arneson:
    “We were in the very beginning using the six siders, but when we started doing the fantasy games, I dug out some 20-sided dice I’d purchased in England in the mid 60s.

    I went to a game store — well, a historical miniatures store — in London, right off of… I think it was at Picadilly, I’m not sure. And I went upstairs to their gaming area and they had these little boxes of 20-sided dice, and I thought “oh, how cool!”

    From the Wired article (Dungeon Master: The Life and Legacy of Gary Gygax By David Kushner Email 03.10.08):

    “To achieve a more linear curve, he determined that players must pluck 1 of 20 numbered poker chips from a hat, so that there was an equal 5 percent probability of each outcome. Gygax later found the perfect replacement for this clunky system: In a school supply catalog, he discovered dice shaped like all of the Platonic solids, including the icosahedron: A 20-sided die.”

    Can anyone resolve these contradictory reports? My intuition says David Wesely is telling it like it really happened, especially with all the details he’s giving. I wonder what game the d20′s were for that Dave Arneson said he found in England, because wargame magazine The Courier says “Mike Reese and Leon Tucker’s Tractics for modern warfare is first to us 20-sided dice.” (in 1971).

    Well, at least with d20s, the Romans got everyone beat by almost 2000 years:

  20. Ragnar says:

    Thank you so much; this is amazing. Maj. Wesely is a treasure trove, and an excellent storyteller and lecturer. I hope this is archived and linked to from the Wikipedia article. It’s really a great historical record.

  21. clyde says:

    Hey Ragnar,

    Thanks. If you think it’s Wikipedia worthy, you could go over and add it. I think it would be improper for me to do so, even if I agree.

  22. Greg says:

    Oops, I guess my link got stripped off the end of my previous comment. If you don’t know what I was referring to just do an internet search for “Roman d20″.

    Anyway, thanks for the great interview Clyde!

  23. Elliot Wilen says:

    Just finished listening to the whole thing. I thought the lady’s interruption was funny but I’m sorry if it dampened your spirits. Much of the information can be found elsewhere but it’s really good to hear it in the David Weseley’s voice, and his personal experiences with publishing are interesting and new to me.

    Clyde, did I hear right that you had or will have a followup interview with someone (“Ross”?) whose experience straddled Braunstein to Blackmoor?

  24. clyde says:

    Hey Elliot,

    Yes. I haven’t got all my research done on Blackmoor yet. If you already know where to look that would be extremely helpful. I’m hoping to record that, and have it up in about a month.

  25. Elliot Wilen says:

    Within my rpg history tag, you’ll find some useful stuff related to Blackmoor including links. Some of the good stuff is in the comments.

    Livejournal is really sucking today or I would be more specific. Hopefully it will recover in time for you to use it.

  26. Elliot Wilen says:

    Also, if any links are dead, try copying & pasting them into (just in case you don’t know about The Internet Archive).

    Another strategy is to take some quoted text from a source whose link is dead and google on that. That’s how I found this (for example):

  27. This. Was. Awesome.
    No, really. It’s an artifact of our hobby’s history and this information needs to be made available to all far and wide. Until someone actually writes a history of the hobby, I am so glad I can add this interview to the bits and pieces of events past that are out there.

  28. Andrew Smith says:

    I was transfixed listening to this. Even the background noise on the train made was fantastic. It felt like a conversation, but the kind where you just listen and soak it all up.

    Thank you so much, Clyde, for making this happen and making it available.

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  31. Great interview. That old lady was hella rude. It sounds like Major Dave not only invented polys and roleplaying, but also LARPs. Way to go, dude!

  32. clyde says:

    Yeah, it’s weird that wordpress didn’t pick that up. I wonder how it determines what to linkback?

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