Show020: The Gen Con Open Mic Experiment

Show020: The Gen Con Open Mic Experiment

This is a bit of an off show. At Gen Con there was a podcasting booth. I volunteered to spend two separate hours manning the booth. I planned on recording both hours but all the available power outlets were taken on my first shift. My second shift was Saturday morning. I arrived early, set up my equipment, and this is what it sounded like. I edited out some of the nontalking parts, but it’s still an hour and a half long. Here’s a list as best as I can make it out:

Ryan Macklin from the Master Plan Podcast- My enemy or twin, I’m not sure which. We discuss alcohol and straightedge, the Gen Con Open Mic Experiment, the Ashcan Front, Games on Demand, and why to buy Ricola.
Alisha, and friends – Their first trip to Gen Con they had just walked in and I got them to stop and talk with me. They play in a weekly game. I then talk to them about
J.J. Lanza A.K.A. Working Man from Fist Full of Comics and Games- We discuss the disappearance of Anim5, my erratic sleeping schedule which lead to my earliness to the booth, the lack of gaming for us podcasting folks, their teaming up with The Tome Podcast, Kobolds Ate My Baby, and he passes the Microphone to….
John A.K.A. Nightranger from Fist Full of Comics and Games – who further expounds on the eating of babies, and the epic tales of Kobolds, ANIMA, The Continuum, and what my plans are for this recording.
J.J. Lanza A.K.A. Working Man- grabs the microphone again to question me on my purpose behind making this recording which is a great follow up question, from my interrupting of the Interview seminar he was on the day before. My answer? Lacking perhaps.
Ben Belestra from All GamesConsidered – We discuss his lack of excitement in new games this year, D+D 4th edition, and Full Thrust.
White Silver Publishing creators of The Chronicles of Ramlar – J.J. takes over my interview duties as I talk to the punters. (Thanks for the word Alexander) They discuss podcasts and mp3 format versus ogg format, what and where they listen to podcasts, the podcasting events at Gen Con, surprise Gen Con discounts, and then The Chronicles of Ramlar. I wish we would have gotten this gentleman’s name.
Don Dehm from Pulp Gamer – Brings the ipod entry board for the ipod that Pulp Gamer was giving away. Don talks about their interview with Peter Adkinson, their live podcast, and Paul Tevise’s roast.
Grant Davis from – They briefly talk about the Nintendo DS, Advance Wars, and Animal Crossing, and the podcasting party at Gen Con.
Andy Kitkowski from Story Games – We discuss Story Games, Awesome and Brilliant, Andy’s trip to Gen Con, his translation project of the Japanese RPG Tenro Bansho Zero, his running of the game, how Story Games are less reliant on the G.M. always being brilliant, Dragons of Kir, Solomon Kane (Note to Pinnacle, you need to increase your websites usability so folks like me can link to your products. 10 minutes still can’t find it.), Steal Away Jordan, Blood and Bronze, and Andy shows off his dance moves before explaining Blood and Bronze.
Justin D. Jacobson from Blue Devil Games – We discuss Dawning Star, the Dawning Star charity event at Gen Con for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Passages, the Ashcan Front, Faery’s Tale, and Bulls Eye.
Chuck Sukula – We discuss why Chuck came to Gen Con, his annoyance with D+D fourth edition, my lack of content editing, then I hand my microphone to …
Josh Hoade – Who continues discussing D+D with Chuck.
Garin Muckenfuss – I blank on describing Geeklabel radio which I do actually listen to occasionally, we discuss why he is at Gen Con, and I give directions.
MC JJ – returns to talk to me about how the experiment is going.
David Woo – We talk about why he has come to Gen Con and what he’s doing, then we talk about his upcoming game The After which will be released via Comstar Games, the new modifications to Hero Clix, and the suddenness of D+D 4th edition.
Was the experiment a success? Yes, It was exactly what I was hoping for… to get folks with something to say, and stick a microphone in front of them while they say it. Punk Rock style or something. I plan to do it again at Gen Con 2008, but I will have some stock questions thought out, and a helper to deal with the punters, so I can focus on the microphones.

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